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True music-making comes from your heart.

The goal of Jubilate! is to sing joyfully and expressively with one another during rehearsals and performances. It is not necessary to be a skilled sight reader. A quick and active ear will serve you and Jubilate! well. Listen to the choir and enjoy the music that we make together.

Membership in Jubilate! is open twice a year, first late September as we prepare for our Winter Concerts and again in January in preparation for our Spring Concerts. We are a non-audition choir. During those enlistment times, one or two rehearsals are set aside for new members to sample the choir to see if it's a good fit before deciding to join Jubilate! Read over the expectations below, and talk with members. We want you to look us over!

Expectations of Our Members:

Ready to join?

Please sign up to receive our emails or use the "Contribute" button to pay your Membership Contribution. We will alert you about the start of the season, i.e. about the first rehearsal. If you decide to join after our season started (usually end of September, or end of January) please contact the Members Advocate at

Once you commit and pay your contribution, you will be assigned a music folder of your own to take home. Your contribution needs to include the once-in-a-lifetime music deposit of $20. We provide a guidance for you but in the end you determine what your overall membership contribution will be.

For more information contact:

The information above is available in printable pdf format.