Thanks to the generous donors

who kept us singing in 2020!

Benefactors ($500 and more)

Ann Shriver and Larry Lev
Julie Courtney
Marilyn Henderson and Michael Mix

Sustainers ($250-$499)

Carol Jauquet and Rebecca Sanderson
Duerksen & Associates, Inc.
Selina and Scott Heppell
Stephanie Rouse
Susan and George Beekman
Thom Whittier & Kipp Tobias

Sponsors ($100-$249)

Barbara Levine
Betty Busch
Carol Rivin and Thomas Dietterich
Gail Feenstra
Gary and Shelley Nuss
Gwen Meyer and John Neumeister
Julie Williams
Karen Wendel
Bill and Kathy Oetinger In honor of Joy Keiser
Marilyn Walker and Claudia Keith
Sharon Hayden

Friends (up to $99)

Bonnie Morihara
Brandon Massey
Brenda Wills
Cathy Dorner
Christy Anderson Brekken
Betty and Darry Callahan
David and Holly Trechter
Debra Scobie
Diana Titus
Diana Vezmar-Bailey
Kathryn & Douglas Collins
Ellen Gradison
Gale Everett & David Stahlke
Gretta Siegel
Gunnar Knapp
J. Thomas Selldorff From an old friend
Jan and George Hall
Jana Kay Slater
Jane and Rob King
Jane Cothron
Jill Pedersen
JoAnn Casselberry
Julie Kaufman
Kat Goetting
Anonymous In Honor of Susan's Aunt Jackie
Lisa Brown In Honor of Ann Shriver
Lisa Schupp
Marilyn J. Nelson
Mark Warnock In Honor of Ellen Saunders
Jesse Ford & Mer Wiren
Maya Abels
Nancy Klingeman
Rebecca Kueny in memory of Don Malcolm
Rachel Garvin
Ray and Greta Brooks
Rhoda Fleischman
Sherri Willard Argyres In Honor of Jill Mackey Feist
Tamara Stehr In Honor of Corale

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