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We will have a New Members Night at the beginning of our season. Please come to see if you enjoy singing with us. If you sign-up below or pay the membership contribution, we will send you an email with the dates (usually the end of September or the end of January.)

Still thinking about it?

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Ready to join?

Contribute: Use the "Membership Contribution" button to contribute and became a full member for the current season. We are using PayPal, but no PayPal account is needed.
You will receive weekly email updates and you will be able to take a music folder home. If you decide to join after our season started (usually end of September, or end of January) please contact the Members Advocate at
How much to contribute? The membership donations are based on your income level and follow a sliding scale. The amounts are suggested per season.

Your contribution pays for our music score, rehearsal space, concert venue, our artistic director, our accompanist, and for any additional items the choir will need e.g. risers, musicians, etc.

Jubilate! is a non-profit cultural group organized under ‘Music for All-Corvallis’. Your contribution also qualifies of the Oregon Cultural Trust Tax Credit:

For more information contact: